Water Heater Service


Experience A New Kind of Standard

Water heaters typically last around 10 Years on average. Your standard tank water heater is relatively inexpensive to operate and maintain. However many us never really think about it until it either stops servicing our hot water needs or it burst and floods our home. It is good to start considering a new water heater between 7-10 years. Most manufacturers warranty them for 6 years.

A lot has changed in how we heat our domestic hot water. There are many new choices available to meet your families hot water needs. Below you will find the following options for the water heater service that we are pleased to offer for your specific application.

To start it is good to figure out how much demand that you will need. Families grow, more people are living together now for longer periods of time and guest come to visit.

FAMILY SIZE     First Hour Rating Requirement
2 People                                    45-55 Gallons
3 People                                    55-65 Gallons
4 People                                    65-75 Gallons
5 People                                     75-85 Gallons
6 People                                     85-100 Gallons
7 People                                   110- or More Gallons.

Does your home have Natural Gas, Propane or Electric Service?

Whether you would like to install a conventional gas or electric water heater, or a more efficient power vent or direct vent tanked heater we can professionally install them for you.

Our typical install includes, expansion tank, drain pan, shut off ball valve and high quality State or A.O. Smith water heater.

If you decide that you would like more hot water and save some floor space in your home, we can install a tank less water heater. We install Navien and Rinnai water heaters. These will supply you hot water until you turn the water off. However these are more complex units and require yearly servicing. The inside heat exchanger must cleaned out as mineral deposits will form inside with normal use.

Water Heaters We install.

Water Heaters We install.