Home Automation Services

How Home Automation Works

Would you like to have more control of your home at your fingertips?

Would like you having the added security of knowing your kids made it home on Friday night?

Would you like to know who came to your home while you were on vacation?

Would you like to be able to monitor your newborn while they are sleeping and not have to walk in the room and risk waking them during a nap?

These are few of thousands of questions we could ask you. Ingersol Rand, Trane’s parent company came out with a platform called Nexia a few years ago. By platform I would compare it to Android or to Apple’s App making software. Nexia runs off of Z waves which communicate from camera’s, locks other sensors to the Bridge control board that goes through the internet right to your phone, tablet or PC. The really awesome Nexia it is an open platform and alot of major companies like GE, Schlage, Trane, Fortez Z and many more are adding usable plug and play products to the market all the time. You can program these different products to work together, you can have the camera record for 10 seconds when the door lock is opened. You can command the lights to turn on when the locks are activated. You can even automate your garage door. You can even turn your water off while you are gone.

Products available for Nexia system are:

  • Schlage Door locks & Touch screen deadbolts.
  • Motion sensors
  • Schlage Indoor & Outdoor Cameras.
  • Alarms.
  • Garage Door Openers.
  • Fortezz Z Main water shut off valves.
  • Trane XL950 & XL824 Smart thermostats.
  • GE light plugs & switches.
  • Smart Light Bulbs.
  • Door & Window Sensors.
  • Appliance Modules.
  • Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors.

For more information please see www.nexiahome.com
We also install Google’s Nest Smart thermostats, drop cams and fire alarms. They will be adding many new exciting pieces of equipment in the near future.