At 495 HVAC we service, maintain, repair and install all major boiler brands.

In the dead of winter there is nothing more enjoyable than returning to a warm, cozy home. Heating your home is important for keeping your family safe, keeping you comfortable and protecting one of your greatest investments, your home. As a homeowner you should be able to rest assured that your boiler will effectively when you need it most. With a custom tailored, cost-effective and reliable boiler system, you can be assured that your energy bills will lessened and your home more comfortable for you and your family.

About our boiler services

Hydronic Heating is the heating of a building by radiation from panels containing hot water and is becoming more and more popular in America. It is efficient and comfortable because it uses the ultimate transfer medium...water! Because of recent advances in boiler and heat distribution system technologies, there has been an increased demand for hydronic heating. More specifically, advances in plastic tubing has made it possible to heat floors, walls, swimming pools, and even sidewalks/driveways!


At 495 HVAC we would love to speak with you while you are considering replacing your boiler.  Our greatest joy in the HVAC field is consulting, finding solutions that will improve your homes efficiency and your families comfort. Please call for a free consultation.

As a boiler ages, the less efficient it gets. If you are repairing your boiler on a fairly consistent  basis, it makes more sense to invest your money in a new, more efficient system rather than spending your hard earned money on an ancient, inefficient system.

If you’re plagued with  hot/cold spots in your home or shortages in hot water, 495 HVAC may be able to recommend alternate solutions that better suit your lifestyle:

  • Water-heating upgrades:
  • Indirect Water Heater: An “internal tankless coil” can be immersed into a boiler’s hot water. The coil picks up the heat and transfers it to fresh water contained safely inside the copper piping. An “indirect water heater” is a separate external storage tank. Hot water is piped out of the boiler’s heat exchanger into a sealed coil inside the tank. Heavily insulated to minimize heat loss, these indirect water heater units can hold up to 119 gallons.
  • Zoning upgrades: Hot water systems can be “zoned” allowing different areas of a home to be regulated by their own thermostats. For example, one zone can be created for the sleeping area, another for the living area, and still another for the kitchen/dining area. If temperatures fall off more quickly in one zone than another, the thermostat will call for hot water to be circulated to that particular zone. Thermostats with a “set-back” capability let you turn the temperature down in unoccupied areas–such as bedrooms during the day–to save fuel.
  • System enhancements: There are inexpensive upgrades that can improve your homes comfort levels:

    • A constant circulation pump and a few carefully placed non-electric radiant valves can enhance the performance of existing radiation.
    • “Tempering” valves in combination with in-floor tubing creates comfortable radiant floors.

  • Baseboard and Radiator Heating: Millions of American homes have been equipped with baseboard units and/or radiators for space heating for many years. Hot water from a central boiler circulates heated water to baseboard heating units or radiators throughout the house. Without a thought or concern, you are continually comforted by gentle heat.
  • Luxurious Radiant Heating: Use of radiant heating is spreading rapidly across the world because it’s clean, quiet, efficient, dependable, and invisible. Hot water circulates through extremely durable tubing installed in or under your floors, walls or ceilings. This luxuriant heating warms you and your furniture, not the air space in the room. Although radiant heating is only recently becoming popular, the ancient Romans used a similar system for heating their stone and marble floors and millions homeowners throughout Asia and Europe have been using it for decades.
  • Snow and Ice-Free Safe Driveways and Sidewalks: Use hydronic heating to defeat the ice , snow and dont pick up a shovel for those sidewalks and driveways. Have long-lasting tubing embedded in your concrete sidewalks and driveways melting the snow and ice before it even has a chance to accumulate. A great convenience for individuals who do not have the time to shovel and a safety solution for all.
  • Tank less Boilers:  If you could use more space in your home there are many tank boilers that can heat your home and hot water.  While ridding you of your old conventional boiler and water heater, opening much needed space in your home for you and your family to use.

Brands that Install.

  1. Weil-Mclain
  2. Burnham
  3. Peerless
  4. Navien
  5. Rinai
  6. Force
  7. Bell Gossett Circulation Pumps
  8. Honeywell Zoning Valves
  9. Taco Zoning Valves