495 HVAC Services, Maintains, Repairs in Installs LG & Mitsubishi Mini Splits.

Ductless mini splits are amazing machines. They offer super efficiency while being extremely flexible in just about any application. If you have 1 small trouble area of your home that you would like to take control of, a single zone ductless mini split will heat and cool the trouble spot with ease. Mini splits are also great if you have a home that is lacking duct work and would like to add Air Conditioning that will perform admirably and a ductless mini split is for you.

The major misconception with Ductless Mini Splits that we hear from most clients when we discuss them is , "aren't they the ugly, plastic boxes that hang on the wall"?

I always say that is partially true, depending on the manufacturer. Here at 495 HVAC we are LG Excellence Dealers. We have the LG Art Cool series Heat Pumps. They are a nice picture frame that doubles as a heat pump. So they will only be as beautiful or not so beautiful as the pictures you place in them. We also have many other mini split options as well, such as ceiling cassette heat pumps, wall hanging, floor mounted etc. Their Performance is amazing and we can custom tailor the project to be flowing and pleasing to the eyes.